Government Related Initiatives Program (GRIP)


Government Related Initiatives Program

The Canadian Space Agency coordinates all civil space-related activities for the Government of Canada. In support of this role, the Government Related Initiatives Program (GRIP) focuses on Earth observation systems for land, ocean, and the atmosphere to enhance government services.

By providing technical guidance for the optimum use of space-based technologies supported by the Government of Canada, GRIP helps derive the maximum benefit from investment by Canada and the international Earth observation community.

GRIP is administered along three strategic themes:

  • Environment
  • Resource & land Use management
  • Security & foreign policy

Thematic Areas


Better understand and monitor the key parameters and processes of the Earth, atmosphere, oceans, cryosphere and biosphere systems and their interrelationship... To know more

Resources & Land Use Management

Support decision-making processes of public and private sectors related to sustainable resource development and management... To know more

Security & Foreign Policy

Support innovative software and algorithm development dedicated to EO applications... To know more