Disclosure of grants and contributions awards

Fiscal Year 2013-2014

4th quarter

Recipient Name:University of Alberta
Location:Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Purpose:13STFAAB15: This project entitled «Balloon Observations of X-rays for Research and Education (BOXER)» has the objective(s) : New instrument for studying high energy electrons from the Van Allen Radiation belts: Balloon Observations of X-rays for Education and Research (BOXER) will complete the development of a small, low-cost X-ray detector to be flown on stratospheric balloon flights from Canada. The scientific goal of this project is to study the loss of high energy electrons from the Earth's Van Allen radiation belts. This mission will also provide an invaluable training opportunity for young researchers and students to be involved in all the typical phases of a space mission from concept through designing, building and flying an instrument and then exploiting the resulting data in scientific research.
Comments:Payment will be made as follows: Year 1 64,000$, Year 2 16,000$.