Disclosure of grants and contributions awards

Fiscal Year 2013-2014

4th quarter

Recipient Name:University of Alberta
Location:Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Purpose:13STFAAB17: This project entitled «Multipoint In-situ Magnetometers on the ICI Rocket (MIMIR)» has the objective(s) : New scientific instrument related to measuring the Earth's magnetic field: The University of Alberta has developed a prototype Next Generation Fluxgate Magnetometer capable of providing the high-precision measurements of the Earth's magnetic field required for space-physics research and monitoring space weather. The University of Alberta has secured a no-cost launch opportunity to test a miniaturized version of this instrument on a constellation of cube satellites deployed from a Norwegian suborbital sounding rocket to study the effects of space weather on arctic communications. This flight will train the next generation of highly qualified Canadian engineers and scientists and help develop a sophisticated scientific instrument for future ground, suborbital and satellite missions.
Comments:Payment will be made as follows: Year 1 57,730$, Year 2 94,570$ Year 3 97,700$.