Disclosure of grants and contributions awards

Fiscal Year 2013-2014

4th quarter

Recipient Name:University of Toronto
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Purpose:13STFATO09: This project entitled «Spider: A Balloon-Borne mm-wave Polarimeter for Cosmology» has the objective(s) : New instruments for the study of the Universe and is earliest times: This project will engage three PhD students and one Post-Doctoral Fellow in the activities related to the flight of the Spider mm-wave polarimeter on a NASA long-duration balloon flight from Antarctica. Spider explores the nature of the Universe at its earliest times (10-36 seconds after the Big Bang) by studying the polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background—the oldest light in the Universe. The PhD students will complete their degree upon having trained for this flight.
Comments:Payment will be made as follows: Year 1 60,155$, Year 2 19,845$.