Disclosure of grants and contributions awards

Fiscal Year 2013-2014

4th quarter

Recipient Name:University of Waterloo
Location:Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Purpose:13STFAWA02: This project entitled «End-to-End Airborne Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Demonstration» has the objective(s) : New form of optical transmission between a balloon and a receiver on the ground: The objective of this project is to conduct an end-to-end airborne demonstration of quantum key distribution (QKD) between a receiver payload on a stratospheric balloon and a mobile transmitter on the ground. A Chinese group recently reported the demonstration of downlink QKD using a transmitter on a balloon; however, the University of Waterloo team is proposing the more innovative and difficult challenge of demonstrating uplink QKD with the receiver on the balloon, thereby establishing the feasibility of stratospheric QKD up to a moving airborne platform. The demonstration will significantly retire technical risks associated with the proposed QEYSSat mission.
Comments:Payment will be made as follows: Year 1 99,125$, Year 2 150,875$.