Disclosure of grants and contributions awards

Fiscal Year 2013-2014

4th quarter

Recipient Name:York University
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Purpose:13STFAYO05: This project entitled «CubeSat Attitude Control System (ACS) Design for the SIGMA Mission» has the objective(s) : New software algorithm for satellite attitude control systems: The York University team will be participating in the SIGMA mission as part of the Korean CubeSat program. The team will develop efficient attitude control system (ACS) for the SIGMA mission, based on the ACS hardware that has flown on CINEMA CubeSat Series. With little modification to the ACS hardware, the team will have an opportunity to demonstrate its own ACS algorithm concept. The team will also play a significant role in mission operations providing one of the main operation centers at York University with only a minor modification to the existing ground station.
Comments:Payment will be made as follows: Year 1 41,000$, Year 2 39,000$.