Disclosure of grants and contributions awards

Fiscal Year 2019-2020

1st quarter

Recipient Name:Reaction Dynamics Lab Inc.
Location:Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada
Purpose:The growing small satellite market calls for reliable, affordable launch services to get spacecraft to orbit quickly and safely, but the current availability of these services is limited. To address this issue, Reaction Dynamics' launch vehicle is designed to provide launch services dedicated to transporting smaller payloads into orbit. The startup's technological breakthrough makes hybrid rocket engines feasible for orbital launch applications. These hybrid rocket engines reduce part count dramatically, enabling shorter lead times at significantly lower costs when compared to other technologies. The new launch vehicle will include state-of-the-art guidance, navigation, and thrust vector control to direct the thrust of its rocket engine and guide its own course to a specific orbit. Among other critical technologies, this contribution will support the development of a reliable, low-cost flight computer and software to autonomously control the launch vehicle during flight and test the system on the ground. It will also lead to spin-off technology applications for the automotive and aerospace industries, creating new business opportunities and jobs.
Comments:The amount allocated covers more than one fiscal year.