Disclosure of grants and contributions awards

Fiscal Year 2019-2020

1st quarter

Recipient Name:Canadensys Aerospace Corporation
Location:Caledon, Ontario, Canada
Purpose:The modern global space architecture is more open, inclusive and diverse than ever before, but also more distributed and fragmented. From satellite servicing, orbital debris and contested space to Lunar Gateway and planetary surface exploration, situational awareness is a current topic of interest across all mission classes. Canadensys is advancing the development of a small, low-cost, deep-space-ruggedized 360° imager that supports both situational awareness and hazard detection for both orbit and ground infrastructure, the Nano-Immersive Situational Awareness system (NISA). The NISA system is tested both on ground and aboard a satellite to obtain real-world in-space performance test data across four main use cases tying directly to near-term market applications: general 360° imaging, video and immersive situational awareness; mission monitoring; proximity operations; and surveillance of space.
Comments:The amount allocated covers one fiscal year.